Mediterranean Convivio

Mediterranean Convivio

 Show on the culinary culture of the Mediterranean Diet
August 29 – September 2  2012
Monumental Complex of the “SS. Trinità e Paradiso”, Vico Equense (NA)

The Foundation “Higher Technical Institute for Innovative Technologies of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism”, Foundation ITS BACT, in collaboration with SLOW FOOD Campania, creates in Vico Equense, in the Monumental Complex of the “SS. Trinità e Paradiso”, from August 29 to September 2, the : a show on the culinary culture of the Mediterranean Diet.

This event aims to:
• Reaffirm the cultural and scientific rigor of the Mediterranean Diet: food, environment and health, protection of the landscape and the preservation of local history and traditions;
• Appreciate, starting from the Sorrento Peninsula, the areas in the region Campania which have adopted and developed the culture and practice of the Mediterranean Diet as the Cilento, Irpinia, Sannio and the High Caserta;
• Building an opportunity for discussion between the enterprises of Campania related to diet and between these and the other Italian and Mediterranean ones;
•Stimulate the consumer, the citizen and the tourist of all ages, to allow them to choose their feed, consider the value of materials first and their processes, learn about emotions linked to the consumption of products of high quality;

But, especially of
• Inaugurating and promote a new era of education and training professional on Mediterranean cuisine, starting from primary school to the higher technical education and university,  to create new and more specialized job opportunities on changes in lifestyle and in diet of the new generations.

The activities include the launch of a biennial didactic-formative course of Higher Technical Education which will release to 25 young people from the countries of the Mediterranean region, the Ministerial title of “Higher level Technician for enhancement and enjoyment of food and wine Mediterranean heritage “. The purpose of the initiative is, therefore, to train professionals able to combine the production and culinary traditions of Campania with innovative food adapted to new lifestyles and emerging diet.

The communication chosen is the “Convivio” or a banquet /symposium, a symbolic “table” offering to the participants ( those who have desire to listen, learn, see, smell, touch, taste), a complex dish (the Mediterranean diet), accompanied by a “bread” to facilitate their assimilation. A bread made of tastings, exhibitions, workshops, performances, meetings, exchanges between chefs, scientists, educators, trainers, producers, distributors, restaurateurs, artists and consumers, with a particular focus on women as scholars – buyer – creators of recipes -dispensator – educators on “lifestyles” and “regimes food. “

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